Dr Lynette Jacobs is Acting Director and Research Portfolio Lead in the Office for International Affairs at the University of the Free State in South Africa. She a Comparative and International Education scholar, specifically focusing on external barriers to inclusive education opportunities. Her research centres around inclusive education opportunities, barriers to such, and specifically on inclusive internationalised learning approaches.  She contributed to more than 50 peer-reviewed publications in the form of journal articles, conference proceedings and book chapters.   

Her presence in the international academe, also specifically in the non-centred geopolitical spaces is evident.  For instance, she did the keynote presentation (Education provision to everyone: comparing perspectives from around the world) at the 2016 annual Bulgarian Comparative Education Society conference on Sofia, Bulgaria; she did a plenary presentation as part of a panel on building rights-based education systems in countries in transition at the 2018 ATEE conference in Bialystok, Poland; in 2020 she was a panellist in a plenary panel discussion on sustainable development and education hosted by the University of Denver, and she delivered a  keynote presentation at the Research Methodology Conference 2022, hosted by Coventry University and the London Institute of Social Studies titled Authentically journeying research with yourself and others.  She serves on the editorial board of the SCOPUS listed journal Perspectives in Education. She is Co-Lead Investigator with Marina Orsini-Jones and Kyria Finardi on this project.